Mihail Rubankov

Mihail Rubankov

Mihail was born is Omsk, Russia in 1983. The artist currently lives and works in Moscow.


Personal exhibitions

  • Open Studios Exhibition, Winzavod, Moscow, January 2022
  • Celluloid (together with a photographer A. Matyunin), GMIO, Omsk 2021
  • Diary of the brain, the Art Center, Omsk April 2021
  • In the system, Studio Borodin, Yekaterinburg, December 2020
  • Zen Funk, Omsk Art Museum, September 2020
  • Closed exhibition, Studio 34, Omsk, July 2020
  • Native Positive, Left Leg Gallery, August 2018


Selected group exhibitions

  • Something will remain in memory, Winzavod, April 2022
  • Siberian escapism, WIP house, Moscow, April 2022
  • Andromeda Nebula, InArt Gallery, Moscow, April 2022
  • Starfall, gallery Here on Taganka, Moscow December 2022
  • Art-market WIN WIN, Winzavod, Moscow, December 2021
  • Art-market WIN WIN, Winzavod, Moscow, September 2021
  • Looking for earthlings, gallery Here on Taganka, Moscow March 2021
  • Negative GDP growth, Moscow, October 2020
  • Morkva, Gallery 11.12 Winzavod, Moscow September 2020
  • 77 days, Vrubel Museum, Omsk, August 2020
  • "Project M", Omsk, September 2020
  • Rest well, Left leg Gallery, Omsk, May 2020
  • Contemporary Art Week, Art-Eli Gallery, Novosibirsk, February 2020
  • Accomplices, Museum of Art of Omsk, December 2019
  • Exhibition of contemporary art, Art-Eli Gallery, Novosibirsk, August 2019


Mihail uses various materials and techniques: watercolor, acrylic, oil, silkscreen printing, markers, pencils, objects, collages, different forms of street art, addressing the visual medium according to the idea or message that he wants to convey to the viewer.


The artist mostly focuses on social agenda in his artworks. He studies the reaction to political and economic events, situation in the world and the country, interpretation of the news, issues of personal freedom, choice and personality, independence, system, regime.

Mihail is also interested in working with absurdity, surrealistic and grotesque ways of conveying information to the viewer, finding new meanings in familiar images and concepts and daily routine objects that everyone is used to, endowing familiar characters with unexpected properties, answering “What if … " question.

Some artworks are based on wordplay and texts, as well as the difference between what is depicted and what is described. Many of his art objects are characterized by irony, humor and sarcasm, the direct message is often replaced by metaphor, multiple meanings and interpretations. Mihail often refers to images of the past without prejudice or nostalgic sentiments to religious, cult, esoteric, historical or even paranormal phenomena in order to fit them into a modern context, illustrating the course of his thoughts on their example.

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