Lika Mellow

Lika mellow contemporary artist

Lika Mellow

Lika was born in Moscow in 1987. She graduated from The Surikov Art Institute in Moscow in 2019. She currently lives and works in Moscow.

Personal exhibitions

  • "My Pink" M'ARS Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, March 2021
  • "Flight" M'ARS Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, March 2021



  • Orlitsky/Mellow, Moscow, 2021
  • “Electro”, Electrical workshops, Moscow, 2021
  • “Marias Children”, Muravyov-Apostolov Manor, Moscow, 2020


Selected group exhibitions

  • Hungry for Art, 5 Art Gallery, Moscow, 2022
  • Beginning, 5 Art Gallery, Moscow, 2022
  • Modern art exhibition by Orlitsky/Mellow, Moscow, 2021



Working on each painting or series of artworks is a research. Lika studies emotion as a reaction to something that happens in either  social or personal spaces. She analyses the reactions of different people to the same event depending on their psychotype, environment or personal characteristics, then she visualises the result of her research through art, using different types of art media: pictorial art, installations, art objects, video art, performative practices.

Lika’s art is characterised by philosophical and psychological reflection. Often the series of artworks include a wide range of techniques used, which are not only the research tools, but the part of the exhibitions themselves. Most of the artist's series consists of physical objects - pictorial art, sculptures, installations; digital art - video art, digital; audio accompaniment - voice narrative, music created in collaboration with musicians; performative practices - performance, choreography.

At Cosmoscow Art Fair Lika will present her project “Geometry of sleep”: the series of artworks made from textiles and plaster on canvases and old frames, which the artist collected from all over the world, as well as video art filmed in the process of studying the influence of person's qualities on their sleep behaviour: "Our whole story is in the folds of our beds"

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