Dzmitry Chuzhakou

Dzmitry Chuzhakou

Dzmitry Chuzhakou was born in Zhodino, Belarus in 1987. He currently lives and works in Minsk, Belarus.

Selected group exhibitions


  • Art Minsk, the Palace of Arts, Minsk, 2022
  • Hungry for Art, 5 Art Gallery, Moscow, 2022
  • Concept Triennial, the Palace of Arts, Minsk, 2022
  • Greenhouse, Dandy Land, Minsk, 2021
  • Vulica Brazil, Sao Paulo, 2021
  • Vulica Brazil, Vershi, Minsk, 2021
  • Autumn Salon, the Palace of Arts, Minsk 2021
  • Art Minsk, the Palace of Arts, Minsk, 2021
  • Trainspotting, Cult Corpus, Minsk, 2020
  • Autumn Salon, the Palace of Arts, Minsk, 2020



Dzmitry started his career in art in 2000 with a passion for graffiti, later he started to experiment with abstraction, ornamentality and light projections in an urban environment.

Starting from an abstract form, Dmitry moves towards a recognizable image, stable harmony. In his works, Dzmitry balances on the brink when the brain begins to capture some familiar image, but at the same time it does not have enough information to complete this image. The artist always leaves a room for a further play, for building a different image.


Dzmitry's artworks only give clues, they trigger a layer of information that a person has absorbed through vision in his life. The author uses sheet materials and creates voluminous art objects, where each color has its own thickness and layer. He deliberately refrains from man-made techniques so that the performance technique does not distract a viewer from the essence.

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